The Importance of Mothers

April 27, 2012 - 5:00 am

“In the seventh year of Jehu, Joash became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem forty years. His mother’s name was Zibiah; she was from Beersheba.” — 2 Kings 12:1

A common motif in the book of 2 Kings is not simply to provide the patriarchal lineage of the king, but also to provide the matriarchal lineage. Now, in the ancient patriarchal society, providing the name of the father makes sense. It grounds the new king in a royal lineage.

However, in regard to the mother, not only do we rarely ever hear of her again, but we also don’t know much about her in the first place. For example, we never find out any details of the life of Zibiah of Beersheba; nor for that matter, do we ever get any details about any of the mothers mentioned in 2 Kings.

Why then does the book go out of its way to always tell us the name of the kings’ mothers? A simple answer is that, as a history book, one in which follows a pattern as it lists the kings of Judah and Israel, it needs to chronicle both parents. Yet, only in a few other places in the Bible do we receive name of the mother of a leader, and in each case there are extenuating circumstances. Furthermore, in the book of 2 Kings, the name of the mother usually comes in a verse different from the name of the father. It almost gives the impression that the author intended to separate the influence of the mother from the influence of the father, but again, to what point?

I think we need to realize the historical situation of the kings at that time. For the most part, as attested throughout the Bible, the king typically had many sons and many wives, and did not have the time to actually take care of his children in the way we think of parents taking care of their kids today. The mothers, then, were the true parents of these princes.

The book of 2 Kings testifies to the importance of the mother in the upbringing of these one-day kings and states that whether they were good or bad stemmed from their parenting, specifically their mothers. In today’s society, parenting is usually more of a partnership, but the lessons still need to be taught.

In this age of hyper-information, our children have more “parents” than they can handle:  TV, Internet, teachers, smart phones, celebrities, etc. So we need to remember that it ultimately rests upon us to help guide our children, whether we are their mother or father.


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  1. Rebekah says:

    I so appreciate today’s devotional. I am a grandmother and am blessed to have my precious grandchildren in my life daily. Because of age and involvement with grandchildren and children, I am no longer involved in church activities. Today’s reading was needed encouragement; I have a vital ministry right here at home. Yes, in this age of hyper-information there is a desperate need for spiritual training for our children and grandchildren. Santa and the Easter bunny get top billing in our society. But this grandma has time with her grandchildren to give Jesus top billing.
    Thank you for the encouragement.
    Rebekah Coltrain

  2. Diane C. Kennedy says:

    Hi Brother Eckstein…I have a question for you. I probaly will not get a response because I am sure you recieve “alot” of e-mail. But this morning I was reading in Genesis 27, where Jacob obtains Isaac’s blessing. What is the significance of the Father giving the blessing? What is the history behind this or the reasoning or representation? It sadden me to know that Rebekah ‘lied’ and had her son lie also to his father and stole the blessing from his own brother…nothing new under the sun, huh? Even in Old Testament times…:o) God Bless and Shalom

    • Belinda Raines says:

      Go back and read when Rebekah was carrying the two in her womb. Read carefully what the Lord told her. She knew prior to their births that she was going to have twins and which one the Lord had chosen to lead. Shalom

  3. Belinda Raines says:

    Remember, Ha’Shem(G-d) said to keep HIS commandments. There are ten plus statues and judgements. Read the Torah(first five books of the Word(Bible). We serve a never changing G-d. HE is the same today, as HE was yesterday, as HE will be forever. Pagan worship is forbidden. T’Shuv(Turn/Repent) Ha’Shem(G-d) told us that these were HIS appointed feasts/times/modeims in the Torah and explained how to keep them. What then should you be keeping? Not christmas, easter, valentines, etc. these are pagan. Come out of her, My people. Yeshua(whom you call Jesus) did not come to change HIS word but to expound on it and give us greater understanding. The Gospel was to join two sticks into one because Yisrael had been divided during the time of Rehoboam and Jeroboam. Unity of brothers was necessary. A house divided will fall. Yeshua is the chief cornerstone. Ruach(spirit) and Truth. Shalom

  4. Belinda Raines says:

    Forgive me. Not to say that Yeshua didn’t die on the cross for our transgressions because HE did. Because we have all transgressed and came short of the kovod(glory) of Ha’Shem(G-d). Yeshua’s blood is our atonement and Yeshua is the way, the Truth and the Light. There is no other way to the Father but through HIM. Shalom

  5. Victoria says:

    Blessed are you God our King who reigns forevermore! Thank You for good, loving, nurturing mothers whom You bless with all Wisdom from on high! Will you please be to me this “Mum” whom I never had and who actually hates me without a cause, since the day of my birth? Praise the Lord, the best Parent anyone could ever wish for! Praise His Holy Name on high! AMEN!!!

  6. pastor mary jones shelton says:

    john 3;16 for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. And we as his followers have the greatest chance to go back with him when he return if we keep his commandments and help our children and love ones along the way instead of thinking of self its not about us its about jesus christ our lord and savior its eighther we are for him or we are against him i love everyone thank you for loving me pastor mary jones-shelton

  7. Sonia Graham says:

    Dear Rabbi,there are people who live a life with out knowning their mother, due to what a man has done. which leaves her to question who her true identy is. what would be your advice to this woman who live life feeling like an alien in her own country. because of a kidnapping an identy change of that child which is now a grown women. she seeks the trueth only to keep hitting only memory of my mother is being kidnaped from her,i barely remember her,if i let that memory go which is a painful one,the only thing i have of her is that terrible day. how can i honor my mother when i do not know what happened or who i really am.

  8. Yajaira says:

    I agree but unfortunately in some countries both parents must work so a lot of times kids grow up either in daycare by the t.v. or the internet now. There is no longer family values or respect for parents if kids are raising themselves but all parents get respect we don’t know their reason

  9. delia says:

    the reality is we are all children of God and a mother is the care taker of a child,a heart of a mother is to know that a child is safe all the good things for her child. but sometimes it doesnt go in that direction,the mother could die in the early age of her child ,and the child doesnt know her, but still it come again when times fast by and a child herself is become a mother.i bless all the mothers,in jesus name.amen

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