A Life-changing Trip

May 3, 2012 - 5:00 am

A listener shares her life-changing visit to the Holy Land.


2 Responses to A Life-changing Trip

  1. Katie Mynette says:

    Dear Folks,
    I’m on a low budget at this time, and cannot get to the Holy Land right now, but I’m reading my Bible through in a year, and in the Old Testament I’m in ll Samuel, and it helps me to BE THERE in my mind!!
    God Bless You All,

  2. Diane C. Kennedy says:

    I am there with you in “spirit”…my heart is there….even though I am here in my country. I am so “grateful” that God’s Promises are “true” and that He “is” ‘faithful’ in all that He say’s He will do. Shalom…and Be Blessed….I “feel” very much His Spirit of Love right now….God Bless….

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